Silent Movies Stars visit the Beach.


While looking for a bathing beauties picture for a summer invitation request I came across this wonderful photo. I didn’t intend to have another movie themed blog post (see previous monkey themed movie post), however this seaside blog challenge coincided with finding this photo so how could I resist!

I found this on a blog dedicated to Mabel Normand, one of the earliest female comedy actresses of the silent screen. I contacted the author of the blog, Marilyn Slater, to see if I could use her photos and she was very generous in allowing the use. Please enjoy these beach themed photos and stop by her blog for very interesting reading and hundreds of fabulous photos of the early 1900’s movie industry.

Please take the time to check out these seaside themed greeting cards available at Greeting Card Universe.

I love this one by artist Marilyn Buck.

Beautiful Image by artist Digital Midge.

These adorable beach loving kitties are offered by artist Kontinental Kitties.


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  1. Great photos of lovely ladies. You would think those suits would hold a lot of water, must have been hard to swim in, but I agree, wish the style would come back. Great blog and very lovely cards indeed.

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