Our Beautiful Gypsy kitty


I can’t let a kittie blog challenge go by without telling the story of the most special animal that has ever been in my family’s life.

One day probably 20 years ago a gorgeous seven toed calico cat just showed up literally on our doorstep. We had never seen her in the area which is very rural so we know what our neighbors animals all look like. None of our surrounding neighbors knew who she was. We hesitated to feed her as everyone knows what that result is. We thought maybe she would find her way home. Well, that wasn’t the case at all. Every morning for the next week we woke up to either a mouse or a mole on our backstep. After a week of this we gave in and just had to feed our little benefactor of rodents. She was working after all! After realizing she was our new friend we thought Gypsy would be a fitting name. She was so sweet and smart and of course was in our hearts before we knew it. Even my husband’s and he was not what you would call a cat person!
So, a few weeks later I was outside with my two little girls and the two kids I babysat. David the little boy shouts “LOOK!”. Out of the woods comes Gypsy followed by 3 babies at least a month old! Oh Boy! That was unexpected to say the least. My first thought was “How am I going to break this to my husband!”
So to make this part of the story short, we kept the one runt with the crooked neck(named Milo even though she was a girl) and found homes for the other two. We all lived happily for years, a litter each from Gypsy and Milo and lots of kittie fun.
Well when Gypsy was 12 as best we can figure, she was lying in the spot right where I park my car. I came home and found her flat and bloody but amazingly lucid. I rushed her to the vet who hours later informed me he just got done removing bullet fragments from her neck and shoulder and had to amputate her entire leg. I was furious and made many phone calls to neighbors with no luck. We never found out the culprit but I try not to dwell on that. Gypsy spent 5 days in intensive care and we brought her home with strict instructions to keep her quiet, and rested. Yeah sure! She was always an outside cat so when I put her in the bathtub with a blanket, litter box (something she had no experience with),food and water she jumped out, ran down the hall and jumped off the porch. She never let the lack of her leg slow her down for a second! She did become a bit more clingy to us which is understandable. Gypsy lived another 6 years until one day she just went away and we never found her. She remains with us all in our hearts and will never be forgotten.

Please enjoy these Calico Cat greeting cards available at Greeting Card Universe.com

artist Charolotte Yealey

artist Lynn Chrapliwy

artist Corrie Kulpers

artist Ritmo Boxer Designs

artist Cards by Bernard

artist Betsy Bush

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8 responses »

  1. Love your lovely story about Gypsy. How horrible that some humans are so cruel. Gypsy was lucky to have found you and your family. Nice selection of GCU Calica Kitty cards too.

  2. An amazing story and an amazing cat. For all of her misfortune, Gypsy was still a lucky cat to have adopted you. Thanks Betsy for a great read and some great looking cats.

  3. Gypsy was truly an amazing cat! Did I read it right that she lived 18 years? Wow… for an outdoor cat, that’s a long life. She was truly blessed to have your family taking care of her. She certainly knew what she was doing when she showed up at your doorstep and refused to leave!


  4. Hi Betsy, I remember reading this story when you first published it. I remember being touched by it before, but I didn’t understand the full depth of emotion that goes with an experience like this until it happened to our family. Thank you for sharing this…and for giving me hope that my cat can live a happy life despite his missing leg 🙂

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