Monster in my Woods


As my husband, daughter and I sat on the back porch last night we heard the distinctive sound of a screaming woman being mauled and bloodied by a very large, hairy black toothed sasquatch-like monster. Instead of calling 911 or even running out to help, we sat and listened and thought, “That’s cool”.

I can just imagine what you are thinking as you read this so let me explain. It was the final scene of the movie ” Demon Messenger” being filmed on our property for the last 2 months by my brother-in-law, Douglas Bush. Doug even wrote the screenplay.Ted Nappi is the director. Quite a few people gave their time and energy to make this movie come to light. It has been an awesome and interesting thing to watch and I feel privileged to be a small part of it. I didn’t really do anything but did provide rest room services! My husband helped alot with whatever was needed. We go to the cast and crew party this weekend.

I have seen footage and still shots and can’t wait to see the movie. I can’t begin to describe how amazing and SCARY just the pictures are!  I hope it becomes a huge success.  It should be making the film festivals in time for Halloween. So keep your eyes open for ” Demon Messenger” and give it a watch!

UPDATE, Sunday Aug.28th, Went to the cast & crew party tonight. We got to see the trailer for the movie. Talk about getting goosebumps. It was so cool to see it all put together with music and on a huge screen. Everyone couldn’t watch it enough. Just kept saying “Play it again!”. It was a great night.

UPDATE, Sat. Sept. 3rd., Here is the trailer to “Demon Messenger” just released to the world last night from Binghamton, NY. Please give it a watch and be so kind if you will to send the link to everyone and anyone you know. I want so much for this to become a movie that makes it so Doug and Ted can make alot more for our enjoyment!

Check out these hauntingly spooky Happy Halloween cards available at Greeting Card Universe.

artist: Betsy Bush

artist: Betsy Bush

artist: Catherine Noy

artist: Molly Harrison

artist: Molly Harrison

artist: Carrie Glenn

Had to add this one after seeing it as Design of the Day!

artist: Ross Peterson


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