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Colors of Halloween


I thought I would incorporate my new fondness for making color palettes into the latest blog challenge about Halloween for the Greeting Card Universe Community Blog. If you read my previous post it will tell you a little about my new addiction. Here I have made 2 color palettes that scream the telltale colors of the Halloween season! I hope you enjoy them.

Please check out these colorful and spooky Halloween cards available at Greeting Card Universe.
You can also find all Halloween cards at GCU here,


artist: Beverly artist: Penny Cork artist: Betsy Bush artist: Christie Black
&nbsp:artist: Corrie Kulpers
artist: Cindy Johns


It’s Halloween or Howl-oween!
“I love Halloween…”
Blessing Art Cards, Sharon Fernleaf

Countdown to Halloween
“Halloween, a day of fantasy and fun…”
Che Bella Nota, Teri Nelson Kuster

The Big Pumpkin
“I”m born in Hong Kong, so Halloween for me is the most unusual holiday…”
Painted Cottage, Judith Cheng

Twisted Rainbows: It’s Halloween!
“It’s the time of year when ghosts and ghouls like to frolic in the streets…”
Reel Cards, R.P. Bulanadi

Happy Halloween
“Boo! Did I scare you?”
Tanitu, Creative Paradise

Colors of Halloween
“I have made two color palettes that scream the fall colors of the Halloween season…”
Dragonfire Graphics, Betsy Bush

Grumpy Halloween
“Help yourself to a little sweet orange treat…”
Naquiaya’s Cards, Naquaiya

Oh, Great Pumpkin, Where Are You?
“Cute, scary, on the doorstep or in food, I love pumpkins!”
What Dreams May Come, Maryann Nolan

Ooh… Candy Corn!
“20 million pounds of candy corn are sold annually…”
Hand-Me-Downz, Richard Skelley

Halloween Memories
“Happy Halloween, everyone!”
Warm Traditions, Candace J. Hardy

My New Addiction~Color Palletes


Last week I came across color palettes made from photos.They have been a great source of inspiration in my card making. I found them on Pinterest (a site that I am also addicted to!). Most of the palettes posted on Pinterest are from a blog, Design Seeds. I love them so much that I am making my own. I have always loved color and I think I was the only kid in 10th grade art that loved the intense color chart project! Here are the palettes I have so far. I plan on adding them as I make them. I hope they give inspiration to someone as they have to me.

Here are cards from Greeting Card Universe that match the theme of each of my color palettes, just for fun!